National Jury

Wisam Elfadl

Wisam Elfadl works with finding suppressed information, decolonisation, and the recording of history in the Islamia Queeristi project funded by Kone Foundation, in addition to the Afrosuomalaiset Helsingissä project by the City of Helsinki. More precisely, the projects challenge prevailing notions of islam, muslims, and being Finnish or African, and aim to increase a sense of belonging.

Elfadl is interested in the presence of sacredness and deity in science fiction films based in afro-futuristic and islamic worlds.


Kati Sinisalo

Kati Sinisalo is a producer at the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, where she oversees the event called Teeman elokuvafestivaali (film festival on the channel Teema) and the culture section of the streaming service Areena, among other things.

Her largest projects at Yle have been Teemalauantai (2009–2021) and Naisten maaliskuu (2020). Before she became a producer and programme designer, Sinisalo was the screenwriter and director of the Koura award winning programs Muistikuvaputki (a tv series) and Uuden aallon jäljillä (a documentary). Her previous life also included ten years as a journalist and film critic at Helsingin Sanomat as well as six years as the chairwoman of Filmiaura, the organisation behind the Jussi awards.


Niels Putman

Niels Putman (he/him) is a film journalist and critic, curator and programmer, chief editor of the short film magazines and Talking Shorts, and film distributor at Avila (, an online video platform for Belgian cinema.

He holds a master’s degree in Film Studies & Visual Culture (University of Antwerp) and a master’s degree in Audiovisual Arts at the Royal Institute for Cinema, Theatre and Sound (RITCS) in Brussels. He is a member of the board of Short Film Conference, and a member of the Belgian Film Press Union and FIPRESCI. His texts have been published in several Belgian outlets.