Volunteer tasks


As a volunteer you will assist with catering in various events at different venues, for instance at the Festival Centre. In this team you will get acquainted with the festival’s various work environments and situations.

Catering duties will take place on the festival week from Tuesday to Monday.


You will be in charge of hosting the screenings by welcoming the audience and telling them about the screenings and films. You will also introduce the filmmakers who are present. It is also encouraged to promote the content of the festival in general. The announcement tasks could also occur at the festival evening clubs.

The Ceremonies Team has duties on the festival week from Wednesday to Sunday.


This is the most versatile assignment at the festival. In this team the work assignments are for instance light festival construction work and assistance in various festival tasks such as catering, doors, cleaning, general organizing and even helping the stage audio personnel.

The working hours and assignments are flexible and we offer work widely on the festival week but also before and after.


A positive customer service spirit and adequate precision is a prerequisite for succeeding in this assignment. Ticket outlets include Cine Atlas, Niagara and the Festival Shop. Customer Service Team manages the festival ticket sales by operating the ticketing system and the most common payment terminals. Volunteers will get orientation for these tasks. You should be fluent in Finnish in this team.

The Customer Service Team has work assignments before and during the festival week.


The Door Personnel Team is responsible for checking the customers’ entrance tickets and making sure the screenings start and end on time. The job description also includes small auxiliary tasks at your own venue which include Cine Atlas and Niagara.

There is work for the Door Personnel on the festival week from Wednesday to Sunday.


At the Guest Info you are responsible for the customer service of Tampere Film Festival’s invited domestic and international guests and the accredited guests who will turn to you in order to receive their festival material and tickets.

Guest Info serves guests on the festival week from Wednesday to Sunday.


Working in the Host Team you will attend to the needs and wishes of the juries in their daily tasks during the festival, for instance by helping juries with their schedule and venue locations.

The Host Team will work on the festival week from Tuesday to Sunday.


You will capture the ambiance and situations of the festival at the venues. Applicants for photography are required to have their own camera.

In this team you will have assignments on the festival week.


The Street Team will be responsible for the distribution of posters and other advertising materials. We offer work for the Street Team starting from February and we’ll contact you already during the application period. You have the option to work also in another team during the festival week.