Urban Scenes

There is a major construction boom going on in Tampere: The arena and tram are finished; the tunnel has freed new land for building; old gives way to new in Santalahti; and an artificial island is being planned in Näsijärvi. The construction work around the train station area will begin within a year. Tampere becomes a metropolis, at least in marketing. But what does the metropolis frame of mind mean for the everyday life of the citizens?

The Urban Scenes programme of the Tampere Film Festival was born from the desire to contemplate the relationship between a city and its citizens. A city is a home, and it dies without us. At the same time, it is its own structure, weaved from different kinds of buildings, routes and nature.

The first screening of Urban Scenes focuses on people. In the films Next Sunday (2019) and Trade Center (2021) the citizens take control of spaces and make them their own despite the original plans from above. Elsewhere, people fight for their homes or for their right to their lifestyles, as in films Devaluation Kit (2017) or Hanging On (2021).

The second screening observes the city as an individual, architectonic being. The wastelands and no-man’s-lands are integral parts of the urban environment. Free, non-commercial space creates voluntary urban culture. In the concluding film Tåke (2018), we see a city taking its place as an organic part of nature. It is, after all, built by humans.


Riina Mikkonen