A Wall Is a Screen returns to Tampere Film Festival with the famous short film walking tour concept. The tour is organised by a Hamburg-based artist group, whose last visit in Tampere was in 2015. The group has been presenting their short film tours at film festivals and in co-operation with cultural institutions all over the world.

A Wall Is a Screen presents short films right on the walls of public buildings, turning the city into a huge outdoor cinema. In Tampere Film Festival, the tours are organised on Friday and Saturday, the Saturday’s walk being a child-friendly family tour.

During the 60–90 minutes long walking tour, the audience stops at 7 different locations where the selected short films interact with the surrounding architecture. The catch between the film and the setting might be the topic of the film, the plot, the style or a certain feeling the film evokes. A Wall Is a Screen travels through the city together with the audience and equipment, creating pop-up cinemas that only exist for the length of the film. The screening literally shines a new light on urban locations that are supposedly well-known for the Tampere audience, and thus creates a new layer both in film perception and in experience of the city space.

Join us for this free-of-charge event and experience short films in a unique way!

Fri 6.3. | 19.00 | Duration 90 min
Starting point: Tampere Theatre (Keskustori 2)

A WALL IS A SCREEN: Tampere Family Tour
Sat 7.3. | 18.30 | Duration 60 min
Starting point: Väinö Linna Square

Language: English
Free of charge

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Photo: Paavo Pykäläinen (Tampere Film Festival 2015)