The Estonian Parental Council issued a manifest in which Estonia was declared an independent Republic 24.2.1918. In connection with  a coup d’état at Soviet Union, in august 1991, Estonia gave declaration of independence on 20 August 1991. Therefore Estonia have two independence day.

At the end of 1980’s, Estonian films did not show at the Tampere Film Festival nor in Finland at all. In 1971 Tampere Film Festival showed of puppet animator, Elbert Tuganov’s animations from 1950 and 1960 as part of children movie seminar. The Tampere Film Festival International Competition in the 1970s and 1980s showed a few Estonian animations, directed by Rein Raamat, Avo Paistik and Heino Pars. Estonian documentaries did not show at all  in Tampere because of Goskino, the USSR State Committee for Cinematography in the Soviet Union.

Everything changed in 1988. After many complications  Tampere Film Festival managed to obtain a retrospective of Estonian documentary films, which was unique. This was the first time when these films were showed outside of homeland. The retrospective included 18 documents from Setuma to Rakvere from 1912-1987. The total time of this screening was over six hours. Special screening of Estonian documentaries has been one of the most exiting experiences in Tampere Film Festival’s history. The feedback from the audience was very positive. In the screening of these documents at Kino-Palatsi cinema, it even felt like a “singing revolution and spirit of a burning stone”.

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