Today there are 12 competition screenings and 24 special programme screenings along with several events.

The best films of the European Film Awards are presented already at 10 o’clock. Remember that in Maoriland 2 at 10 o’clock a kiivi bird is hidden under the seats. If you find it, please go to the Info Shopi to collect your reward!

At 10.00  o’clock  Tampere Bootcamp continues at Pakkahuone. Read more here.

Part of the Bootcamp there is Jan Harlan’s (Stanley Kubrick’s producer) lecture starting at 15. Free entry to the lecture and Bootcamp.

Remember the Kubrick documentary at 17 o’clock in Pakkahuone and The Shining at 22 oc’clock.

The afternoon continues for example with Queerscenes 1 . Bixa Travesty, the awarded documentary that is part of the Queerscenes programme is screened at Pakkahuone at 20.

At 23 o’clock in Plevna 2 the maori episode film, directed by eight women, Waru, is shown.


Picture from Queerscenes 1 – Lia Hietala’s Min Homo Syster.