Tampere Film Festival will show two screenings short films of dance. Dance 1: Loikka screening will illustrate the diversity of dance cinema with awarded short films.

Loikka, a dance film festival celebrating its 10th anniversary, will bring the finest productions in its programme from 2014–2018 to Tampere film festival. The screening will illustrate the diversity of dance cinema with seven awarded short films.

The screening’s Finnish dance films treat their topics with humour. Through the Supermarket in Five Easy Pieces is set in present day and delves into the struggle of tolerating everyday life, while the dimensions of time and reality become blended together, when a lonely ice fisher finds an ancient kindred spirit in the ice in the film Cold Storage. Finally, in the episodes of Body Language Zone, a body language consultant illustrates the bodily drawbacks we face at work and the challenge of disposing of our excess body language.

Gravity – Un rêve de demain (Unelma tulevaisuudesta), Chest and Tango Brasileiro, on the other hand, exploit minimalist choreography and unique cinematography to convey their stories. The protagonist in stop motion film Gravity – Un rêve de demain stirs from her sleep, realises she is weightless and decides to make the most of her magical day. In Chest, only a single motion is needed to describe how the intimate relationship between the man and the woman evolves, an in Tango Brasileiro, a dancer is pausing time and contemplating this ability she has had since childhood. A special feature in this film is the use of 1930s archive material.

The Dutch films in this screening take a more solemn look at their themes. Off Ground is a story of the relationship between a dying mother and her son. The choreography in this film, set in a staged environment, functions as the narrative element, reflecting touchingly the characters’ emotions.  Intrinsic Moral Evil, a multi-layered short, examines how identities are built by simultaneously toying with the viewer’s abilities of perception. The boyish play of two men is interrupted by a ‘third wheel’ while the camera’s moves dynamically follow as the scene unfolds.



Tanssi 1 Loikka: Thu 8.3. 12.00 Plevna 6 | Sat 10.3. 23.00 Plevna 5
Tanssi 2: Fri 9.3. 10.00 Plevna 4  | Sun 11.3. 12.00 Niagara