A total of 4 303  films were submitted to the National and International Competitions of Tampere Film Festival last year. The Festival pre-jury has selected a total of 98 films into the Competitions, 38 of which are National and 60 of which International. 

All the films selected to the International Competition are listed here. The films selected to the National Competition are listed here.

According to the Festival Director Jukka-Pekka Laakso, the decision-making process becomes more difficult every year: “The problem isn’t the lack of good films, but quite the opposite. In addition to the  selected films, dozens of excellent films had to be unfortunately left out of the competitions.”

The Competition winners are selected by the International and National Juries. Risto Jarva Jury, the Church Media Foundation Jury and the Youth Jury hand out their own prizes as well. The members of the Juries are listed here. The awarded films are announced at the Award Ceremony on Sunday, March 8th, starting from 12.00. 

National Competition 2020

280 films were submitted to the Tampere Film Festival National Competition. Nine films were selected into the over 30 minute category and 29 films into the under 30 minute category. The pre-jury was particularly impressed with the high technical quality of the submitted films. 

Several films will have their premieres in the National Competition: documentary film My Dear Mother by Paul Anders Simma (Finland, Norway, Sweden, 2019), Nepalin morsian by Tiina Madisson (Finland, Norway, 2019), documentary film Untitled (White – Alps) (Finland, Switzerland, France, 2019) by Salla Tykkä, and fictional documentary film “Mehiläishoito” by Harri Larjosto (Finland, 2019). 

International Competition 2020

60 short films from 45 countries were selected into the Tampere Film Festival International Competition, 4023 films were submitted. The pre-jury was delighted to see the main themes of the Special Programme standing out in the International Competition as well. For example, the theme of dystopia was handled in many of the Competition films. In addition, many films from Sub-Saharan Africa were selected to the International Competition, a theme which continues in the Festival’s Climate screenings. 

All Inclusive by Teemu Nikki (Finland, 2019) was selected to both the National and International Competitions. Another Finnish film, Play Rape by Anna Paavilainen (Finland, 2019), was selected into the International Competition. 

Documentary animation Al Jabal by  Carolina Gómez de Llarena (Venezuela, Lebanon, France, 2020) and documentary film Kilpkonna ja jänes by  Ülo Pikkov (Estonia, 2020) will have their world premieres at the Festival.

Spotlight on Gender Diversity

Tampere Film Festival has signed the 5050 by 2020 Gender Parity Pledge  with four other Nordic short film festivals. By signing, the festivals have committed to increase gender equality in their programming as well as within the organisations by 2020.

For years, the essence of the Tampere Film Festival Programming has been to give a voice to various minorities and marginal groups. Gender diversity and equality is quite well realized when it comes to the Competition Juries and Special Programmes, but there is still plenty to do with the Competitions. For example, there are only two cis-normative options (male/female) available in the competition submission form, so issues with equality are already present in the submission process. This is something Tampere Film Festival will be taking a very close look at  in the future years. 

According to the data collected from the submissions, 43,1% of films submitted to both Competitions were directed by females and 56,9 % by males.  47,8% of films submitted to the National Competition were directed by females, and 52,5% by males. 19 (51,35%) selected films were directed by females and 18 films (48,65%) were directed by males, and one film has one male and one female director.

In the International Competition, the distribution of genders is more unequal. 42,8% of films submitted to the Competition were directed by females, while 57,2% were directed by males. Of the films selected into the International Competition, 22 films (36,7%) were directed by females,  and 40 films (63,3,%) were directed by males.  

All films selected into the Competitions are screened at the 50th Tampere Film Festival between March 4th–8th.  The whole Festival Programme is announced and the ticket sales begin on February 12th.