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Pistokkaat – Cuttings

How to use art as a tool in integration? Can art work as a moderator? If words aren’t enough, does art help to express yourself? These are questions which we… Read more »


During Tampere Film Festival we organized two People on the Road happenings: PEK – Elokuva välineenä screening on Thursday and the seminar on the next day, on Friday. On Thursday’s… Read more »

People on the Road Seminar

Tampere Film Festival and Pirkanmaa Film Centre present People on the Road seminar on the 8th of March 2019 in the Werstas Auditorium at 2pm-5pm. Film directors and global migration… Read more »

Scenes at the City

Scenes at the city -workshop was held at Tammela school in Tampere 15.- 19.10.2018. The workshop was organized by Lotta Wilén from Arkkitehtuurikoulu Tiili and Kalle Raittila from Pirkanmaa Film Centre…. Read more »

Mikä haluaisit olla isona

Mikä haluaisit olla isona is a extract from documentary Toimintaa ja kohtaamisia Kotirannassa. Kotiranta is a grouphome in Mänttä-Vilppula in Pirkanmaa. The documentary is made by Kotiranta’s workers, children and… Read more »

People on the Road

This is a working diary and video blog of the People on the road -initiative. The initiative is a shared project of Tampere Film Festival and Pirkanmaa Film Centre created… Read more »