AV-arkki’s screening delves into the various forms and possibilities of camp. On the surface, camp comes across as being frivolous and of bad taste, but deep down it clears the way for alternative representations and ways of being in an uninhibited manner.

Botox Baby - Anneli Nygren

Botox Baby – Anneli Nygren

The screening opens with three short films by Rosa Liksom and Plastic Pony that are set in the heart of the subculture of the early 1990s. The films take you, for instance, to the kitchen of the legendary centre for youth culture, Lepakko, and there’s something weird going on in the Eiffel Tower, as well.

The camp of the 2000s is represented by a selection of films by Teemu Keisteri, Tero Puha, Anssi Kasitonni, Petra Innanen and Maria Duncker. The selection features a range of genres from dancing and cactus porn to mockumentary and sci-fi from the small village of Sahalahti.

In Love With Lust - Tero Puha

In Love With Lust – Tero Puha

The screening closes with three short films by Anneli Nygren, the queen of camp based in Turku. Nygren’s video art is inspired by play with dolls, soap operas and synthpop, at which Jonne 59, the toughest rock star in Turku, also tries his hand.

CAMP!: Fri 9.3. 16.00 Plevna 4 | Sat 10.3. 20.00 Plevna 6