Festival weekend is full of many kinds of events. 

You can still make it to family event Minikino Festival which is held at Tampere Cathedral area at 11am–1pm. In the evening, families may head to A Wall Is a Screen tour which will leave from Väinö Linna Square 6.30 pm. 

Metropolis, organised by Tampere Hall, Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra and Tampere Film Festival, will take place finally tonight at Tampere Hall at 7 pm. Tickets still available, welcome!

Special Programme screenings will continue throughout the Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday there are two feature-length documentaries in the programme: Thank You for the Rain by Julia Dahr (Climate, at 4pm, Niagara) and Radio Kobani by Reber Dorsky (Kurdistan, at 8 pm, Plevna 6).

Climate Chaos – What Can Be Done? discussion will take place at Werstas Auditorium on Saturday at 2 pm. The discussion will be livestreamed, and so will be Womarts Masterclass with Miia Tervo at the same place at 4 pm. Both events are in English. 

Competition screenings will continue on Saturday, and on Sunday the winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony at 12.00. Awarded films will be screened also at 4 pm and 6 pm. All the screenings of Awarded Films are selling fast so please hurry with tickets.

Photo by Anna Fransas