Tampere Film Agency, operated by Tampere Film Festival, is expanding its operations to other Nordic countries and the Baltic states. The agency, established in 2017 to distribute Finnish short films, is now focusing mainly on festival distribution and devising festival strategies for new or soon-to-be-completed short films.

The right kind of short film festival strategy, that Tampere Film Agency is offering to help with, ensures that the film will premiere at the best festival possible, thus maximizing the film’s international coverage. Festival strategy is tailored for each film and each available budget. Thanks to Tampere Film Agency, filmmakers can also avoid the fake festivals cropping up around the world, and they can be sure not to miss any crucial festivals and their deadlines.

The Tampere Film Agency catalogue includes such films as Interceptor and No Connection by Risto-Pekka Blom, Radio Dolores by Katariina Lillqvist and Blind by Katariina Räty. According to Risto-Pekka Blom, Tampere Film Agency’s festival strategy displays a comprehensive understanding of the international film festival circuit. For her part, Katariina Lillqvist commends Tampere Film Agency’s extensive network, enabling her films to be distributed far and wide, as well as the Agency staff’s dedication to technical detail. Katariina Räty says that signing with the Agency freed up her time and energy for creative work and helped her gain professional confidence as her film was selected to several festivals.

Tampere Film Agency is constantly on the lookout for new short films to be distributed. If you are interested, send your film link by email (agency(at)tff.fi), we’ll preview it and will contact you in two weeks.