We’ll organize a Taster Screening in English at the Arthouse Cinema Niagara on Wednesday 6th February at 7.30 pm. The screening will include a super selection of films from the festival’s programme. The festival takes place between 6–10 March. The screening is free of charge, but the seats are limited so save the date and arrive early. The films are spoken or subtitled in English.

The Taster Screening features the following films

Pablo Muñoz Gomez: Kapitalistis (Belgium, France 2017)

Marja Helander: Eatnanvuloš Lottit – Maan sisällä linnut (Finland, Norway 2018)

Theodore Ushev: Drux Flux (Canada 2008)

Ana Nedeljkovic: Untravel (Serbia, Slovakia 2018)

Previews of films submitted to the national and international competition