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  • The festival has started with a swing!

The festival has started with a swing!

Today there are 10 competition screenings and 17 special programme screenings in addition to a plethora of events!

In Werstas  auditorium there will be a discussion about the role of dance in films. Does dance have significant role in filmmaker, financier, distributor and to audience? Is dance film as a separate term confusing and is it necessary to distinguish dance film as an artform of its own?  Is Dance Film Genuine Film? startin at 13.30. Free entry! Remember also the Dance 1 Loikka screening at 12.00 in  Plevna 6.

Estonian film is known especially from their animations.  Olga and Priit Pärn screening at 20.00 in Plevna 6 showcases the works of legendary animator and filmmaker Priit Pärn and her colleague and partner Olga Pärn .


The first sceening focusing on trans people and their stories Queerscenes 1 stars at 22.00 in Plevna 6. 

More infromation about screenings here and about events here.

Welcome to day two of the Film Festival!